We believe in being highly specific in our focus to benefit our startups

We make this belief a reality by leading with exceptional innovation,
smart management and operational expertise

Value Partnership

We (develop value and) drive growth through our long standing industry relationships in finance, technology and marketing.

With over 60 years of experience our partners commit value to our portfolio companies with the following:

  • Marketing support
  • Business development and strategic partnerships
  • M&A guidance for acquisitions
  • Merger, sale and IPO support
  • Expansion strategy
  • Technology consulting
  • Operations consulting
  • Capital procurement
  • Distressed Business Acquisition and Transformation

What does it mean to partner or be funded by ….MASSAFFECT …. GLOBALLY RESPECTED RESOURCES

Tap into our team’s experience and expertise and join the ecosystem and community of companies. We have dedicated digital specialists to help you thrive during critical business cycles who focus on social, media, corporate messaging, web development, creative design and ecommerce.

Our Team