Brilliant Teams contributing to the mass affect

We guide and align entrepreneurs to startup capital in developing
world class companies transforming markets and communities.


We are a VC that invests in seed and early stage companies driven by brilliant entrepreneurs and founders.

In addition, we tend to invest in companies that are digitally focused, emerging market based or have tremendous regional or demographic impact in leveling the playing field. We believe in helping the 80 of the 80/20 develop, sustain, and grow economic revenue within their (regions) mass market. Our firm generates venture capital and private equity investments from our Hong Kong and Shenzhen offices.

Mass Affect was born out of affecting the masses with IMPACT businesses.

Global Presence

Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Port-au-Prince, Bogota, New York

Transforming Experience Into Results

Transforming Regions for Business – We leverage our relationships with banks, branding & advertising consultants and technology developers to collaborate with our portfolio companies in bringing success into a clearer focus.


Mass Affect Consulting Group (MACG) is a team of experienced professionals and subject matter experts who work in conjunction with our portfolio company principals in addition to our investment partners helping our businesses with expertise in operations, marketing & advertising, funding and finance, technology development, and human resource management. This is a highly specialized core of the Mass Affect team that supports our companies in allowing them to focus on delivering their products and services effectively.